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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tomorrow is the First Day of the Rest of My Life...

I am happy to report that my new liquid diet is going well. Already after 11 and no solid foods. Yay for me! As a side note regarding my stomach aches it turns out that it wasn't a result of my overeating it was a kidney stone. Yes my friends, a kidney stone. I passed it last night so that explains the on again off again pain as of late. "A kidney stone?" you say. It is true and they are my cross to bear. This one obviously wasn't bad and passed on it's own. Anyway, I wasn't eating myself to sickness (although not for lack of trying) I was having a medical issue. Some of you may think that entitles me to eat solid food but I have made up my mind and so it's going to be all liquids, all the time.

It is off to work with me tomorrow and I must tell you that I'm besides myself as to what to wear. Strangely enough, I know what I'm going to wear Mon and Tues but tomorrow? Not a clue. It's like the first day of school, remember? You went shopping for your "First Day of School Outfit", which inevitably was some sort of sweater/corduroy combo, and since (around here) it is still rather warm on the first day of school, you were way overdressed. That didn't matter though because that outfit had been staring at you since it's purchase 2 weeks ago and just begging to be worn. Not to mention you had lovingly laid it out the night before (along with shoes and accessories) and when you tried it on you felt you looked just like the girl on the cover of the Seventeen magazine "Back To School" issue with articles like, "Plaid is Back," "Turning Fine Hair Into Fine and Dandy Hair" and "Say Goodbye to Dry: Winter Skin Care Tips." The fact that you were extremely hot and uncomfortable all day was a small price to pay for looking as good as you thought you did. With being out of work so long you can see why this has me in flitters. Don't worry, mes amies, I will find something suitable and I promise it won't be anything corduroy. As for my hair....

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