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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Spider, a Web and a Hot Dog....

I have just found out that we are having a Halloween party for work. Now, I haven't actually been told that you need a costume but it's a safe bet. Here's the thing, years ago I was trying to get my Saner Half to dress up with me in some sort of combo costume. At the time I was quite a bit heavier but had all the faith in the world in my partner's strength. I offered the following ideas. I thought he could be a mattress and I could be the person going to bed (very little would be needed from me since I would live in comfy clothes if I could), or how about I could be a hot dog roll and he could be a hot dog and I would keep having to jump on him so everyone could get the full effect. These ideas were met with blank stares and so I pulled out the one I had secretly wanted just knowing he would praise me for my ingenuity. So as not to tip him off to how strong my desire was to dress in the costume I was about to suggest I very casually said " OK, fine, I will put a bean bag chair on my butt and make some kind of arm thingys and wear a black leotard and tights. You can wear white sweatpants and a white t-shirt. We can have ropes going from your head to your arms and from your arms to your legs. The we can put velcro on your back and on my stomach (his eyes began to widen in fear) When people ask what we are we'll say "A spider on a web" and I will jump on your back. To which he replied, "And I will fall to the floor." Yes my friends, that is what he said only to follow it with, "How about we try to think of things to be that don't require you jumping on me, okay hon?" Well no, it was not okay and we haven't really dressed up since. Sure there's been the occasional mask or cape but nothing with real feeling.

You know what I think I will suggest this year? He can be the dad at the parade and I can be the daughter sitting on his shoulders with a drippy ice cream cone!

Who am I kidding, since I have this newly built-in, no make up required scar I can be Frankenstein with very little effort. Then again, he could be the mad scientist that created me and have to occasionally carry me around.

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tmahan1975 said...

k....well i am in the same boat, although not nearly as vreative as you!