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Friday, October 10, 2008

Donuts, Pudding, Slim Fast and a Stomach Ache..

So tomorrow I have decided to go on an all liquid diet. Since I have been home from work (after my horrible disfigurement) I have had the opportunity to go to the grocery store on a daily basis. "Are we out of ice cream?" Run to the store. "Is that candy dish empty?" Run to the store. Pudding? Donuts? Run to the store. After all of that running (and by running I mean getting in the car and finding the closest parking spot) It should come as no surprise that for the past week or so I have had a constant stomach ache. Last night I felt pretty sick but I was trying to figure out if there was anyway I could squeeze in one more donut (they do taste kind of yucky the next day and I hate to waste) . I didn't but it was only because when I went to get one I felt like I would throw up.

Tomorrow, my friends, is a new day. A new liquid only day. Plus, since I go back to work Sunday I will get back into walking (sans home detention anklets) and I really should slim down. I mean, I could get discovered at any moment and I would hate to pass someone on the street who has the ability to grant me the fame and fortune which up until this point has eluded me and have them think "Hmmm, if she were just 20lbs (OK 40, are you happy) slimmer she would be perfect in my upcoming hit comedy sitcom/dance show/modeling contract/ etc."

Yup, tomorrow. But right now, maybe just one pudding...

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