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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bob Marley, Def Leppard and Still Counting...

It seems that just about everyday when I am in the car with one or more of the kids I am reminded that I am not as cool as I perceive myself. I know what you must be thinking "How can that be? You, lover of leopard prints and fan of exercise. I mean isn't that the definition of cool?" Unfortunately, my friends, it is not. The definition of cool (although not yet recognized by Webster's) is this: the ability to immediately know ALL the lyrics to any and all music deemed popular. And while I know some,there are many more that I mumble through and, yes, even make up. Sometimes however, I am unaware that I am saying the wrong lyrics (and by saying I mean singing at the top of my lungs anytime, anywhere- kareoke, the car, the shower, etc.) Let me tell you a few:
- Most recently I was in the car singing a popular Bob Marley song, and before I begin let me just say that I never knew what the title was (obviously) so please forgive my faux pas. The title of the song, as told to me by my car, is "No woman, no cry" I however have been (for quite awhile) singing- "No woman, no pride" Yes, I know that it doesn't make sense but who am I to judge? And, as you will see, making sense is not usually something I worry much about.
- One of my favorite songs is B-52's "Love Shack" It's fun and dancey and demands to be sung as loud as possible. My favorite part is where the female singer says " Tin roof...Busted" For those of you that don't know,there is no music during this and it is quite a high part of the song so imagine my surprise to know that I was singing (shouting) it wrong. I had been saying- "Hennn-ry, Busted" Makes absolutely no sense but if you try it the next time you will see that it does sort of sound like it ( doesn't it?)
- My favorite is the ever popular "Pour some sugar on me" by Def Leppard. Now, as some of you will remember there was a terrible scare many years back that invovled the sugar substitute saccarine. It was all over the news and apparently had a large impact on me because the song lyric that states "Sweet to taste, sample me" somehow made it to my brian and out of my mouth with "Sweet to taste, saccarine free" It seems foolish now but made perfect sense for the many years that I have been singing it.

I know I am not alone so if any of you have your own wrong lyric stories to share I would love to hear them. We must unite and above all, never stop singing, wrong lyrics or not, it's fun and makes us smile.


Anonymous said...

OK so Lil Wayne had this song off of DEDICATION II about New Orleans, well I thought it was "Bitch Katrina turned this city to a sea-saw." When it in fact was "turned this city to a seashore."

I got about 100 others but someone actually called me out on that one. Oh yeah...

TLC - Waterfalls. "Go go Jason Waterfalls.." Is what I thought it said, I had a crush on Jason Kaiser at the time. It in fact is, "Don't go chasin' waterfalls."

Dawn said...

I like the way you think!