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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Mornings, A 5K and Decorations..

So, after working 16 hrs yesterday I get a call this morning at 5:44am from my mother. You see, my mom, Mallory and Emily did the 5K for breast cancer today and although Emily spent the night there last night, Mallory was supposed to be there at 5:30. The call went like this- me, half asleep "Hello"; mom "Dawn?"; me "Yea", mom "Did I wake you up? I thought you had to work."; me "Yea, no, I'm off."; mom "YOU'RE OFF?!" (read: If you're off why aren't you participating?); me "No, I mean I go in at 3"; mom "Is Mallory still there?"; me, climbing upstairs and down a long hallway with my eyes half open to check her room; mom "Is her car there?"; me "I don't know but she's not in her room."; mom "Why did you go up there? It would have been easier to just look out the window for her car."; me "I guess I would have thought about that if I had been awake." Don't worry my friends, Mallory had already left and they completed the race (although it was very cold) and thankfully, I was able to go back to sleep. As for my mother, I will deal with her later, just as soon as I think of a way to get her back.

On a post-surgical note, I went to get a wreath out of a closet that was on a box that was on a shelf. Now, it wasn't heavy and not all that high up. All I had to do was reach up on my tippy toes, grab the hanger with my finger and voila!, a "Share the Harvest" wreath. Not exactly. When I reached up my neck screamed and so did I. I did manage to get the wreath but I will now refer to it as the "Share the Pain" wreath. When I told Jim (since I have been paying for it for the last couple of days) he told me that since I live in the "Land of Giants" I should have had someone else get it. You see, I am the shortest person in the house by at least 2 inches and in some cases 12 inches. OK, trouble with that is no one was around. While we are on this subject can I just tell you that not one person in this house has stepped up to decorate the yard for Halloween?! Due to my disfigurement and it's accompanying pain and restrictions I was not able to put out all the yard stuff (or the house stuff for that matter) and wouldn't you think someone would step up and do it? I thought that too. We were both wrong.

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