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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Locks, Keys and Ice Cream..

I had to stop at the supermarket after work tonite to get milk and since I never get just milk I also got two half gallons of ice cream and some TGIF frozen crap (artichoke dip, potato skins, etc.), Yes, we do eat healthy, I know. Anyway I came home only to find that my wonderful husband was apparently in such a hurry to go to work early that I was locked out. I should preface all of this by saying that I forgot to charge my phone so my battery was very low and seemed to be using what energy it had left to beep every few seconds or so to let me know it was dying. Anyway, once I realized my situation I had to put down 2 gallons of milk and my other bags to knock on my own door. Buddy was doing his job by barking loudly and sounding ferocious but his barks went unheard to the kids who, for once, decided to go to bed at a reasonable time. Now, we pay each month for our kids to have phones but don't think for a second that they wait for us to need to urgently reach them. That is reserved for their friends in crisis. I called Mallory and got to hear "The Joker" by Steve Miller a few times before I realized that as much as I like that song my battery was dying and she was obviously asleep. Next up, Daniel, who provides his callers with some unnamed rap song, he too was asleep. Now, earlier Em had told me she wasn't feeling well so I hated to call her but in the end she was my savior. No music just a ring then a sweet "Hi Mama" and I was in. And for that, if she still doesn't feel well in the morning, she can stay home and eat ice cream, drink milk and eat various TGIF selections.

PS- I texted Jim to let him know that he locked me out. His response? "Where are your keys?" Well, wherever they are they aren't with me so I don't see why that is pertinent. Do you?

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