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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturdays, Scary Movies and The Brady Bunch..

I love, love, love Saturday mornings when I don't have to work. I get up and watch 2 episodes of Eastenders, drink my Slim-Fast and start my day in a relaxing way. For those that don't know, Eastenders is a British soap opera that comes on PBS in Maryland on Saturday mornings from 9-10. Right now they are still running 2002 episodes since they get it over there every day and we only get it once a week. I looked and looked to buy it on DVD but it is not available. At first I was surprised but when I realized you can't buy any of our American soap operas on DVD I didn't feel so bad. Anyway, I watch the show then I slowing start picking up around here but I'm never in a hurry and it makes for a nice day.

I've been drinking Slim-Fast for quite a few years now and I guess it's not working because I'm not working it. Kind of like Alcoholic Anonymous- "It works if you work it." You see, I drink it in the mornings and then I live my life. I eat what I want, as often as I want and so I guess that's why I haven't been able to watch the pounds drop away. It's hard to know nowadays what you should or shouldn't eat. It was easier back when we just worried about calories. Then it used to be fat but now it's trans-fats or saturated fats. Bread and rice used to be good but now it's bad unless it's brown. We're not supposed to eat anything white. Maybe I will go on the brown diet. I will eat only brown foods brown rice, brown bread, peanut butter, chocolate, Slim-Fast and the like.

I watched "Halloween" last night. That is my favorite scary movie of all time and I was so glad to see it on TV. It doesn't seem like Halloween without watching it at least once. A few years ago Rob Zombie did a remake. I was so excited and Jim took me to see it. The problem is that I get my hopes up about things and I am inevitably let down. I was so disappointed in the movie. Jim wasn't and he said it was because I have unrealistic expectations. Maybe I do.

I am besides myself my friends, absolutely besides myself over Maureen McCormick's (aka Marcia Brady) new book. I refuse to read it as it seems like a nasty tell-all about one of my favorite shows. Who didn't love The Brady Bunch? They were the perfect family and I am not at all interested it horrible Maureen McCormick talking about sleeping with "Greg Brady." For a long time she didn't even want anything to do with the show or it's cast but now we are supposed to pay our hard to come by money on a gossipy book that I'm sure is quite exaggerated. No thank you Marcia, I will pass.

On to other things. The Halloween costume is shaping up nicely, my hair is actually doing well and it saddens me to report that my big, red purse still eludes me.

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