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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baltimore Hons, My Wonderful Husband and John Waters..

OK, change of plans for Halloween. Instead of doing the Wilma Flintstone/Betty Rubble thing Tina, Hope (our supervisor) and I are going to be "Baltimore Hons." If you're not from the area a "hon" is a true Baltimore woman. They have bee-hive hair-dos, wear blue eyeshadow, spandex and hopefully (and of course in my case) anything leopard. Sometimes they could wear a house coat or robe and fuzzy slippers. Some are also fond of feather boas. I will be posting pictures after the party so you can see. I'm not sure if you can appreciate it if you're not from Baltimore. They have "hon" contests and it's kind of a big deal in town. Anyway I'm excited, although twice this Halloween season I have been told that I can just go to my closet instead of buying a costume. Once when Jim told me that if I were a whore and now when Tina approached me with the idea. Hmmmm, are people trying to tell me something? Whatever, I have a tight low cut leopard shirt that will fit the bill perfectly.

Things at work are going well. I haven't missed a beat even though I was out for what seemed like forever. The disfiguring scar is still disfiguring and I guess any hope of gracing the cover of anything other than "Scar Weekly" or "Oh My God What Happened" is now out of the question. C'est la vive. Yes, I am a speaker of many languages, it is a gift, I know.

As for my wonderful husband. He sent me a text this evening at work that said "I think you dress nice xo" Wasn't that the most wonderful? I'm glad he notices (and doesn't fuss about what things cost) I feel very lucky.

I still haven't been discovered but you will be the first to know when (notice I say when and not if) it happens. Believe me when I tell you mes amies (more French for you) that it is not for lack of trying. I used to work in a bakery in Baltimore and the wonderful and famous film maker John Waters used to come in. Every time he did I would sing while I got his baked goods and ask didn't he have a role for a singing bakery clerk. He never answered, just smiled. Maybe if I would have danced it would have sealed the deal. I guess we will never know. If only my mother would have allowed me to go to the School for the Performing Arts. I always pictured myself fitting in nicely with the cast of "Fame" but again, it was not to be. Full steam ahead and soon you will be reading about me and people will be saying things like "Look how great her hair looks" (because I will have a hair dresser living with me), and "There she is with her signature red purse" (no, I still haven't found one, the search continues.) And you will say "I knew her when."

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