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Thursday, October 16, 2008

ER, Molly Ringwald and Longing for the 80's

It is difficult for me to write this as tonite was the last episode for Abby Lockhart on ER. As a result of this tear jerker my eyes are swollen and my head is killing me. I have been watching ER for the last 14 years and can not put into words the sadness I feel about it coming to an end. I'm not sure why it is ending because I don't feel they have run out of story lines. I guess I just wish they would have consulted me but they rarely do. Had I been consulted I would have recommended they keep ER and get rid of The Simpsons (different networks I know but you get my point) I mean honestly, how long is that show going to go on. It seems as though there is not an end in sight.If people would just listen to me more they would see that I have all of the answers. Anyway, aside from the season or so when it seemed like half of them went to Africa I have not been disappointed by the show. Tonite's episode just made me realize how incredibly sad I will be when the show is finally over. It is too depressing for me to think about.

Earlier this evening I begged Emily to watch "Pretty in Pink" with me (she only agreed to watch it because Molly Ringwald is the mother on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager.") I love Molly Ringwald and I love all of those movies. It sure brings back memories of being much younger. My dear friend Theresa recently sent me a key chain that has all of these recordings from "Sixteen Candles" Farmer Ted. Times were simpler then and I hope that when my children look back at their childhood their memories are as fun as mine are from the 80's. My cousin Kimmy just sent me an email about some of the crazy things we did when we were young (we went to school together and she became my cousin when I married her cousin Jim) and you know, sometimes it feels like just yesterday that we were kids. Why is it in movies the high school seniors always seem much older than actual high school seniors? I guess it's because most of them were 25 years old and just playing younger roles. It's difficult for me to watch "Secret Life of the American Teenager" because it's hard for me to think of Molly Ringwald as a mom. I guess that while the rest of us grew up I expected her to stay young. Watching the movie tonite with such a young James Spader (who I think resembles my Jim when we were kids) was so much fun. I think Emily liked it. Those kind of movies are timeless (aside from wardrobe and hair) for young people. Kids will always have the "us vs them" problems in school and hopefully when it's over you get to kiss the boy you liked.

Sorry for this somewhat downer of a post.

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Ann said...

The Simpson's are still on? Where have I been? Oh Yeah, stuck in the 80's. Pretty in Pink one of my all time fav's!