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Sunday, October 12, 2008

My First Day Back to Work, Solid Foods and Fall...

First day back went great. I didn't forget how to do my job and, surprisingly, I didn't forget my sign-on passwords. Yay me! OK, for the important stuff. I wore a pair of jeans and a black top w/ a grey design and black and grey trainers. Kind of boring I know but it's Sunday so it's more casual. Tomorrow being a holiday means it's going to be casual again so now I have to decide what to wear (my previous "Monday" outfit was more dressy-uppy.) Please just get me to Tuesday because I have had that planned for awhile. Anyway, glad to be back among the working and the day went really fast.

As for the all liquid diet. Well, I fell off that wagon yesterday, and hard. I had forgotten I bought some TGIF artichoke and spinach dip and we had Tostitos so that went out the window at about 2:30. I'm not going to beat myself up though because, if you remember, I didn't really eat myself to sickness it was the kidney stone.

It is mid-October and I would like to know why things aren't more "Fall-like." It should be chilly and instead it's kind of warm. And by "kind of warm" I mean that I can't wear any of my new cardigans. I think that's gonna be my thing this year. I'll call it "The Year of the Cardigan" although when I get my red purse I may change it to "The Year of the Red Purse" And by "cardigan" I don't mean "Blah, blah cardigan" I mean unique and fun cardigans and also wraps. OK, we should just call it "The Year of the Cardigan, Wrap, and Red Purse" because I will get a red purse (even though someone copied me and got one, you know who you are initials R.E.T.) and I don't want to leave the wraps out.

Keep your fingers crossed that cooler weather gets here (and fast!)

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